Fallen Kingdom

Puzzle game with chess pieces.

Your task is to defeat red king by using your blue chess pieces. Each piece moves same direction as in classic chess, however gravity applies after move is finished.

Use cursor to select game piece, possible moves are then marked by black dots on empty tiles. Change cursor position to target tile and select it to perform the move. Note that some tiles do not get marked as possible moves.

In advanced levels there are additional elements like keys, locks, platforms and buttons.

Game took 2nd place in Abbuc software contest 2021.



Joystick or WASD keys or Arrow keys – cursor control

Fire or SPACE or RETURN – chess piece selection/move

ESC or R key – reset level


No special requirements, game just needs 64kB Atari XL/XE.

Game supports stereo (optional).

Game supports PAL/NTSC.


Fallen Kingdom
Fallen Kingdom
Version: 1.2
26.2 KiB

Source code can be found here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/fallen-kingdom-atari-xl-xe/

Change log

  • Version 1.1 – 27.9.2021 – several fixes, keyboard controls, additional levels and ending
  • Version 1.2 – 5.3.2024 – NTSC color fix (colors are matching PAL), AltirraOS crash in ending screen fixed

Gameplay video


3 thoughts on “Fallen Kingdom

  1. Another adictive puzzle game!
    I’ve completed it and I want more…
    Will a level editor ever exist to add custom puzzles?

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