Monex v1.1

Monex is my second game, I started to work on it in 23.6.2005 and it was finished in 23.8.2005 – nice dates, huh? So it takes 2 months but when I look to my “developers’ log”, I worked on it only 23 days. So… Monex is logical game where you have to move tiles using mover and collect them in groups by color (value).More information in manual. Finish date was delayed because I couldn’t find musician. Posion contacted me at last and he took care of music. One note: there is an interlace function in game which better displays bricks on real ATARI. This should be turned on/off by pressing SELECT key in title screen; this function is turned off by default.

Used software:

  • PC:
    • Atari800winPLus 4.0b5
    • Code-Genie 4.05.18
    • XASM 2.6.0
    • Atari Fontmaker 1.1
    • RealDraw PRO 2.45
    • Atadim 2.04b
    • AtGr3
    • AtariPalette
    • ACD Photo Editor 3.1
    • Graph2Font 3.4
    • bmp2gr15
    • mpe2pmg
    • HHD Hex Editor 2.0
  • Atari:
    • Marco Pixel Editor 2.1
    • BeweSoft Superpacker
    • CMC 2.0+
    • Dos 2.5

18.10.2005 – fixed in-game bug, fixed NTSC bug (see manual for more info).

monex 1monex 2monex 3monex 4monex 5

Monex V1 1
Monex V1 1
21.8 KiB

Monex Manual En
Monex Manual En
1.9 KiB

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2 thoughts on “Monex v1.1

  1. Monex is my all time favourite game on the little Atari plus the music is brilliant as well.
    The presentation of your games right down to the logo are some of the best i have ever seen in games made for Atari.

  2. Never saw this game until Fujiama last year. Today I found my todo list again and I have to say it’s really great.

    The only downside (as in most games unfortunately) is that are is no in-game manual, so I had to crawl the net first.

    Great intro logo and music also!

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