Atari FontMaker 1.4

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New version of Atari FontMaker has been released.

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Atari MapMaker v1.0

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Today is the day of releasing my longtime internal tool called Atari MapMaker. This tool was originally created for Ridiculous Reality level design. Recently I was contacted by Adam Wachowski (RR co-author), he requested couple additions to editor so he could use it for his new upcoming project… so I added some stuff inside, fixed numerous bugs and also added several nice features.

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Atari FontMaker v1.3.5 (slovensky)

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New update of this tool. Few days ago Abel Carrasco contacted me with some suggestions for Atari Fontmaker… Read the rest of this entry »

Atari FontMaker v1.3 (slovensky)

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Some new features have been added to Atari Fontmaker, so if you use this piece of sotware, I strongly recommend to switch to updated version. Read the rest of this entry »

Rátanie počtu kompilácií

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Minule ma tak napadlo, že by nebolo odveci vedieť koľkokrát som kompiloval zdroják od začiatku programovania až po finish.
Zbastlil som si na to utilitku ExCounter.exe v C#, ktorú pohodlne spúšťam z môjho code editora PSPad.
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Atari FontMaker v1.2 (slovensky)

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After unbelievable five years I’m releasing new version of FontMaker. Fly gave mi impulse to add one feature and Raster said that it would be handy, so I decided to implement it.

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T2K decoder v.021 (slovensky)

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Changed (corrected) display of filename obtained from header of T2K file – especially TurboBasic filenames. Minor bugfixes.

v.02 (6.2.2006):
This application can decode audio record from tape in Turbo2000 format into ATARI binary *.XEX file and also can decode TurboBasic programs saved in Turbo2000 format (TSAVE/TLO) into *.TBA file. You have to record your program from tape to WAV format (8bit mono 44kHz). This conversion is very effective. Read the rest of this entry »

Atari FontMaker v1.1 (slovensky)

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Cross platform utility used to create ATARI font on PC. It works with graphics mode 0 and 12 (DL codes 2 and 4). I tried to make this application as much user-friendly as I could… so it can flip, rotate, shift your built character by clicking on sigle button. You can place your characters to create picture or just wrote some words in the bottom window. Read the rest of this entry »

Useful utilities (slovensky)

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Here are some utilities used to work with emulator. Here are software which is not published on another pages of this web.


Outstanding ATARI cross platform assembler.
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CMC MSX Extractor (slovensky)

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I’ve created this software for extracting CMC (Chaos Music Composer) music from ATARI executables. You have to start your application with CMC music in emulator, then save state (Alt+Z). Next you need to open this state file (*.A8S) in WinRAR and extract content of archive. Now it’s time to start CMC MSX Extractor, click LOAD and browse extracted content file (it takes couple of seconds … sorry 🙁 ). Read the rest of this entry »

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