Ridiculous Reality – Final version (slovensky)

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Some time passed again and release of final version of Ridiculous Reality is here. Ridiculous Reality took 1st place on this year’s Abbuc Software Contest 2012.

ATTENTION! Game cartridges can be ordered HERE!

Final version contains some new features and differences compared to ABBUC version. Those features were requested by players mostly from AtariAge. It might not look hard, but modifying game to incorporate changes cost much effort and uncompressed binary almost touched interesting 200kB boundary.

New features:

  • support of NTSC video systems – ingame logo is simplified when game runs on NTSC
  • ability to turn off/on ingame music – controlled by function keys Select and Start
  • codes for skipping actual level – code gets displayed after winning of particular level. Codes consist of key Shift and combination of Start, Select, Option. It sounds easy, but keep in mind, that you have to press function keys and hold them until time when you have to release them. It’s TOGGLE button style, so you have to try role of pianist in order to enter code :).
  • some levels have slightly modified design and some graphics glitches were fixed. They did not touched functional part of game.
  • modified game ending

RR team consists of better known and also less known members of Atari scene, so here are credits:

  • Martin ‘MatoSimi’ Šimeček – Programming and project leadership
  • Adam Wachowski – Game design
  • Michał “stRing” Radecki – Music, Level design
  • Adam “Ooz” Powroźnik – Title screen and final screen
  • Jakub Husak – Cartridge design and production

Yes, you read right. Jakub Husak took care of cartridge release of game. We both spent considerable time to prepare it from SW and HW point of view. Well, whole HW part was Jakub’s job. Other members of RR team worked on manual, design of cart and its box… and also on gadgets that are included in cart version of game. I’m sure it was very hard work too – I was not directly pulled into this part of project, so I just just read lot of emails that guys sent to each other (mostly in Polish). Everything went good and first 50 cartridges were ready for SillyVenture 2012, Atari party that took place at Gdansk in Poland.

Cartridges are limited (SillyVenture) edition, more carts will be ready guessing sometime around the turn of 2012/2013.

Gameplay video of final version:


Ridiculous Reality final version
Ridiculous Reality final version
Ridiculous Reality final.xex
Version: final
76.5 KiB
Ridiculous Reality final version instructions (EN)
Ridiculous Reality final version instructions (EN)
Ridiculous Reality final.pdf
Version: final
416.3 KiB


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12 Responses to “Ridiculous Reality – Final version”

  1. Jirka CZECH REPUBLIC Mac OS X Safari 536.26.17 Says:

    Jste draci, palec hore!

  2. Mato SLOVAKIA Windows XP Mozilla Firefox 17.0 Says:

    Bude sa to dat kupit na cartridge?

  3. MatoSimi Windows NT Opera 9.80 Says:

    Ano, bude… akurat riesime ze kolko cartridgov sa bude robit, lebo ani tie, co boli na SV pripravene sa nepodarilo strelit… pravdepodobne bude nejaky poll dakde na webe, nech vieme nejake cislo nastrelit. urcite sa tu zjavi informacia…

  4. viktor SLOVAKIA Windows NT Mozilla Firefox 17.0 Says:

    tipujem tych 100 🙂

  5. MatoSimi » Blog Archive » Ridiculous Reality (Abbuc version) SLOVAKIA WordPress 3.5 Says:

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  6. Syahid Opera Mini 9.80 Says:

    Great game!!! I’m very enjoying it. Playing console when I wasn’t even born with new game!!

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  8. TRezor SLOVAKIA Linux Opera 9.80 Says:

    Ahojte, mam urcite zaujem o kupu cartridgu, dufam ze bude coskoro k dispozicii!!

  9. MatoSimi Windows NT Opera 9.80 Says:

    Servus, cartridge su aktualne vypredane. Ale behom marca, mozno skor v aprili bude dostupna nova krabicova verzia hry v edicii deluxe.

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  12. Juraj Windows NT Google Chrome 29.0.1547.76 Says:

    Ahojte, prosim som stary atarista a rad by som sa vratil k atari, ak ma dakto na predaj prerobene atari 130 xe abo 800 xe abo 800 Xl na qmeg 4 1 mib alebo ine tak rad kupim, pls piste mi na email alebo volajte mi na 0948 182 177. Thx

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