Citron 3kg

Hey fellow Atarians!

Citron 3kg took 6th place at Abbuc Software Contest 2017.

I created this game in several hours. It was again result of quick coding challenge similar to 3plex or Xirius Defect. This game is 100% NTSC compatible and it does not require any HW extension to stock Atari 800 XL/XE machine.

  • Use your highly modified vehicle to gather as many citrons as possible
  • Press Fire to jump over mines if you wanna live
  • Also do not get knocked down by nasty attacking flying saucer
  • Stay alive as long as possible
  • Once the countdown reaches zero, new level begins….

Note that this is the modified version of game that has shorter first two levels and it also contains integration with HSC:

HSC Citron 3kg

Gameplay video:

And here you can see how was the game created and what was the obstacles during whole development process:


Citron 3kg
Citron 3kg
Version: 1.1
31.2 KiB

Source code:


Enjoy and have fun!

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