Light Up!

Light Up is my third ASM game. It takes 5th place on ABBUC Software Contest 2006. I wrote it in 10 days. It’s logical game which remids minesweeper on first look. Your task is to light up whole level by placing light bulbs. More information about rules can be found in manual. Game is relatively easy, but it has many levels, so you have to spend hour or two to finish it. Music is made by unknown author, it was converted from MOD to RMT format.

Used software:

  • PC:
    • Atari800winPLus 4.0
    • Code-Genie 4.05.18
    • XASM 2.5.2 & 3.0.0
    • RealDraw PRO 4.0
    • Atadim 2.04b
    • Raster MusicTracker 1.23
  • My own PC PC utilities:
    • Atari Fontmaker 1.1
    • AtGr5
    • LightUp Levelmaker
    • ATARI TIP Maker 1.0
  • Atari:
    • BeweSoft Superpacker
    • Dos 2.5

LightUp 1LightUp 2LightUp 3LightUp 4LightUp 5

Light Up!
Light Up!
Light Up!.xex
17.9 KiB

Light Up Manual En
Light Up Manual En
1.1 KiB

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