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Sio2Pc is interface used to connect Atari with Pc. The main point is interconnection between Atari SIO (Serial Input/Output) port and COM port on Pc. There are many electrical schemes of this interface. This page is related to software applications used with this interface.

This interface uses Pc to emulate Atari disk drives. So this is the fastest and most reliable way to load your favorite application/game on real Atari.

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First you have to download APE (Atari peripheral emulator) from There is DOS and Win32 version for download. It’s shareware so it has limited functionality. Limited functionality means that you have to wait couple of secons until Unregistered Delay message disappears. Writing on Pc disk from Atari is not allowed in unregistered version. You can boot common Atari disk images ATR, DCM, XFD and also executing binaries such as EXE, COM, XEX. Binaries are executed using Mirror function which starts another unregistered delay.

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I used Sio2Pc to convert files from tapes to disks. There are still couple of slovak and czech games and programs which are not yet converted from tape. If you combine APE with good Atari software like TurboToDisk3 (by RASTER), you can easily convert any Atari software which is shorter than 40kB. Bigger programs can’t be converted this way because of lack of memory. There is also another way to convert applications from tape to disk, look at T2K Decoder in Products section.

Now I’m using Sio2Pc interface rarely, I’m working with emulator and Sio2Pc is used just to test final product on real Atari HW.

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Here you can find instructions to create Sio2Pc interface:


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  1. pesvi CZECH REPUBLIC Windows XP Opera 9.62 Says:

    Impossible to download, is it all right?

    Especially this:

    the answer is: “Not Found The requested URL /wordpress/download-manager.php was not found on this server.”

    would you be so kind and send me a valid download link ??? i need some decode util for my atari tapes…


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