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Hello my Atari fellaz, as many of you guessed that This Game Release is fake, I decided to write few words about how I made this 1st april release.

Title screen was just converted with Ilmenit’s Quantizator from 256 color source image:

Ingame pictures were converted from Amstrad (16 colors I think) version of Titus The Fox. I just squeezed palette and manualy redrawn couple of elements to fit Atari possibilities. It took hour maybe hour and half to prepare atari version of ingame images:

I replaced wall “texture” with one from first screenshot:

Then I generated Title Screen using G2F and compiled this deadly code:

org $2000
ins 'C:\Windows\System32\cmpbk32.dll'
icl 'output.asx' ;g2f title screen
org $8000
dta 'Tralalalalaaaa... got Ya :-D ...it was quite obvious'
ini $8000
org $2000
run $2000
ins 'shit_include.xex' ;some crap windows dll with "hidden" texts

And that is all 🙂

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