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Few weeks passed from my last post about cracking of Dynakillers and now it is time to finally release game to public. Official title is Dynakillers Unchained, it is Multijoy game, which supports gameplay of 4 players simultaneously using Multijoy interface.

Gameplay is same as in original version, but I implemented some new features, so you can see screens of original game and unchained version side by side with commented changes:

Title screen

dk_title dk_unch2

I changed title screen a bit. Btw, if you imagine taking away hair, it suddenly looks like character from Worms 2 :D.


dk_orig2 dk_unch3

Keyboard control has been removed and number of players can be up to 4.

Game start

dk_orig5 dk_unch4

It is possible to select player colors during entering of player names. Each player changes his color by pressing fire on his/her controller. Color changes randomly and it is supported only in 3 or 4 player gameplay.

Game itself

dk_orig3 dk_unch6

  • improved replay routine of samples – original game allows playing samples in 1 channel, unchained version can play 2 samples in 2 channels at same time. When stereo extension is available, 1st channel plays from left speaker and 2nd from right one.
  • altered ingame colors – almost every level has different color schema. I tried to combine as many different colors as possible, because original version uses mainly same color with different brightnesses.
  • player spawns – original game has predefined spawns for each player. So player 1 always starts from top left corner. Unchained version spawns every player in random corner each round.



Scoreboard has been extended for 4th player. Dynakillers logo uses different colors.

Winner screen


Final picture has been slightly changed :).

I would like to thank Fandal for helping me with disassembling of original game and giving me hints how to handle multijoy and stereo.

I would also like to thank TeBe for his great SuperPacker, which is currently in version 4.0. He added some improvements to previous version on my requests, so appreciate that very much.

Ok, thats everything. Just download this game and enjoy playing it with your friends…

Updated version HERE!

Dynakillers Unchained
Dynakillers Unchained
Dynakillers unchained.xex
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11 Responses to “Dynakillers Unchained”

  1. Fly CZECH REPUBLIC Windows NT Google Chrome 25.0.1364.97 Says:

    A teď jen sehnat další tři šílence, co to se mnou budou celé hodiny hrát. 🙂

    Perfektní práce Mato.

  2. viktor SLOVAKIA Windows NT Mozilla Firefox 19.0 Says:

    no, zajtra to s priatelkou riadne omakneme 🙂

  3. 0xF POLAND Windows NT Google Chrome 25.0.1364.97 Says:

    Wow! This game was very playable for two players. For four players it must be awesome! Thank you!

  4. Fandal CZECH REPUBLIC Windows XP Internet Explorer 8.0 Says:


  5. PPs GERMANY Windows NT Mozilla Firefox 19.0 Says:

    Thumbs up!

    As usual a great product by You – even if this time not only your credits for the whole thing 😉

  6. Sleeπ GERMANY Mac OS X Safari 533.22.3 Says:

    Great! One of my favorite amiga500-Games on the A8!
    Thanks, also in the name of my two kids! 🙂

  7. MatoSimi Windows NT Opera 9.80 Says:

    thanks for nice comments, gameplay video added 🙂

  8. Atariteca: Dynakillers Unchained disponible para descargar | My Daily Feeds – Games WordPress 3.4.2 Says:

    […] embargo, “Matosimi” aplicó numerosos cambios -y que detalla extensamente en su blog: para empezar, la pantalla de título ha sido editada, de modo que se incluye la palabra […]

  9. krupkaj Linux Mozilla Firefox 19.0 Says:

    Parada, dik za hack!! Vypada to, ze jsem ty multijoye nestavel jen tak pro nic za nic 😉

    Trosku si prihreju vlastni polivcicku, kdyby nahodou nekdo chtel stavet multijoy a potreboval desku, dejte vedet 🙂

  10. MatoSimi SLOVAKIA Windows NT Opera 9.80 Says:

    v pohode. Plosaky, to je tvoje…

  11. Globe/GMG SLOVAKIA Windows NT Mozilla Firefox 19.0 Says:


    Pôvodne keď sme Dynakillerov robili cieľom bolo aby to mohli hrať traja a aby bežali samplované efekty v reálnom čase podobne ako na ST-čkovej hre Dynabusters ktorá bola inšpiráciou a pri ktorej sme strávili celé dni.

    So štyrmi hráčmi a dvoma samplovanými kanálmi je to celé ešte o triedu lepšie.

    Dobrá práca.


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