Atari FontMaker v1.3 (slovensky)

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Some new features have been added to Atari Fontmaker, so if you use this piece of sotware, I strongly recommend to switch to updated version.


  • recommended horizontal screen size is higher than 1024 pixels to fit whole window on screen
  • big view-window, it has 26 lines instead of 8, it is moved to right side of application window
  • export fonts to BMP – to use them in tile-editors
  • recolor – ability to “switch” colors of edited character
  • cursor – shows frame around edited character
  • pick edited character using mousewheel
  • color labels
  • statusbar containing number of edited character and selected color
  • toggle draw in view-window – you can copy character to view window multiple times by holding mousebutton
  • toggle draw can be turned of by holding CTRL key, in that case 1 click = 1 copy, this is applied for both view-window and charedit-window
  • backwards compatibility of view files from previous version of FontMaker

FontMaker v1.3


Atari FontMaker v1.3
Atari FontMaker v1.3
Version: 1.3
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3 Responses to “Atari FontMaker v1.3”

  1. AsCrNet UNITED STATES Windows XP Mozilla Firefox 19.0 Says:

    Thank you very much for this new version of FontMaker, is an excellent software to work with character design for our Atari.

    I hope you continue to improve the program, will soon be a 100% replacement EnvisionPC.

    Greetings from Chile.

  2. Igi SLOVAKIA Windows XP Mozilla Firefox 22.0 Says:

    Servus, paráda … vďaka, Igor.

  3. Elko SLOVAKIA Windows XP Mozilla Firefox 24.0 Says:

    Pecka diky moc!

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