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As I wrote couple posts before, I’m moving all my Atari projects to There are already all of them created ( ), but not every project has content yet. Today I was reconstructing development versions of my very first assembly game Laser Blaster


I spent about two years coding that game. Of course there were many pauses, but coding that game made me the coder I am now. It was quite big project and I was newcomer when we speak about assembly coding.

Anyway, I had many revisions of game code and assets and I spend 3 hours in reconstructing game development from very early versions till final version. There are 47 commits, means 47 revisions of code. It was quite nostalgic to see how game looked at the beginning and how I progressed in development until the final version.

You can browse commits of Laser Blaster here:

Keep in mind that I am adding contents to projects in alphabetical order.

There are also couple of projects that are currently in development/on-hold so these are not public, i.e. Ridiculous Reality, Quarrion, 3plex, Skyscraper… but all stuff that is already released will hopefully be there quite soon.


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3 Responses to “More SourceForge stuff – Laser Blaster reconstruction”

  1. twh GERMANY Windows NT Mozilla Firefox 40.0 Says:

    Awesome work! Thanks for sharing your codebase!!

  2. MatoSimi Windows NT Mozilla Firefox 40.0.2 Says:

    it may not seem like that, but actually it is quite hard to prepare all stuff, write texts, fill all metadata, screens…in case you have 20+ projects to publish. It requires significant amount of time… i hope (blindly) that someone sometime appreciate that …and maybe he/she (“she” – just kidding :D) will learn something from all my stuff or reuses it somehow.

  3. MatoSimi Windows NT Mozilla Firefox 40.0.2 Says:

    utopia FTW!

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