Roxblox – long run

hmm… music from TRBB’s game Gravity reminded me of my Roxblox. I wish this game had better response from audience, because it is quite good logical game. I really doubt that anybody reached the ending, because it requires to win all levels on predefined (minimum) number of moves – A grade.

I have to admit it is really painful to win 8 levels in row with not even single faulty move. It makes game superhard :). So I decided to record long run video of Roxblox so you can see all levels beaten… because I think no one (except me) have ever seen final screen of this game… but again, it was SO DAMN HARD to win it! 😀

If you like to try it on your own:

37.8 KiB


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  1. Bryce Dallas Howard from Spiderman 3 movie…
    Please do not try to comment in Czech, no need for that… Anyway, I would prefer Slovak 😉

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