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Currently I am working on Final version of 3plex was build on September 13th, so game is ready to be released. Most of implemented changes extend visual/audio experience, game design remains same. I am preparing some new stuff that will enrich the game. I am going to update this blogpost couple times with additional texts and screens.

Final version gameplay:


  • Game modes are switched by moving joystick up/down and left/right
  • Music/SFX can be changed only during actual gameplay using SELECT key
  • Game is NTSC compatible, music is mono (no HW extension required)


Version: 1.0
31.1 KiB

3plex - Abbuc Version
3plex - Abbuc Version
Version: 1.0
5.7 KiB

Revision info:

rev.12 (22nd August 2015): additional game modes which can be selected by SELECT and OPTION keys, see screenshot below:


SELECT key changes timer value (in seconds), so now you have to make move until timer runs out, otherwise current triplet will be dropped at random position automatically.

OPTION key changes mode which represents playfield size and amount of colors triplets are made of.

rev.13 (23rd August 2015): picture added on loading screen, title screen picture added, statusbar font changed.

rev.19 (6th September 2015): changed settings controls, many stuff related to music, ntsc compatibility (pal sync)

rev.26 (13th September 2015): sfx implementation, polishing, FINAL VERSION

3plex_f1 3plex_f2 3plex_f3


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4 Responses to “3plex – final version”

  1. fandal Windows NT Mozilla Firefox 40.0 Says:

    Se těším. Nakódovat hru za den, to mi hlava nebere. 🙂

  2. MatoSimi Windows NT Google Chrome 30.0.1599.101 Says:

    Ale tak predsa existuje realtime compo napriklad na foreveri a tvoji spolusediaci to furt vyhravaju… vsetko sa da.

  3. fandal Windows NT Mozilla Firefox 40.0 Says:

    Myslím, že to nelze kvalitativně srovnávat. Klobouk dolu, pane!

  4. trbb Windows NT Mozilla 11.0 Says:

    Hi M, I’m glad you have added a timer / made it harder – I retired at 300 points on the abbuc ver. very impressive looking game, looking forward to the final release. J.

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