Detonationix – ABBUC SWC 2020 entry

Hello, I have been working on a game for Abbuc SWC 2020, but as deadline was getting closer I decided to shelf it and code something different instead. It was pretty intensive, because I made this decision just 2 days before the deadline.

The game I’m about to show you is called Detonationix. It is Tetris like game with different game goal compared to classic Tetris. First difference is that the tetrominos (this is official name of Tetris pieces) contain not only regular bricks but also bombs.

These bombs are detonated only if they are in the full line. More full lines at once are causing bigger detonations. If some pieces (bricks/bombs) remain in the air after the detonation, they fall down.

Your task is to clean up the playfield. Once you done that, you proceed to the next stage. Each stage has different starting constellation of playfield and gameplay speed is slowly accelerating every new stage reached.

You start each stage with score 99 and each your tetromino placement reduces score by 1. When you win the stage, your current score will be added to the grand score. Game ends when you reach score below 0 or you will not have space to place the tetromino anymore.

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