SwSprEd – Software sprite editor

Recently I took bocianu‘s SprEd tool for designing Hardware sprites (Player Missile Graphics driven) and created a derived product called SwSprEd… which is (quite surprisingly) software sprite editor.

Editor is running in web browser, it is available here: swspred-atari.sourceforge.io

Usage is basically almost same as in SprEd:

  • everything can be controlled by mouse quite conveniently + lot of keyboard shortcuts available as well
  • can be zoomed within browser w/o any issue – could be handy for anyone whos sight is not that sharp anymore
  • your data is stored in local storage (you do not loose your work if your browser hangs or tab gets closed)
  • flipping, shifting, copy/paste
  • undo/redo
  • animate

, however some changes are of course in place:

  • ability to edit sprite of width from 4 up to 24 pixels (1 to 6 chars)
  • ability to pick 3rd color and draw it freely (which is in case of HW sprites possible only in sprite overlapping areas)
  • save/load to *.swspr binary file
  • export in MADS format by columns – suitable for software sprites used in char mode 4

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3 thoughts on “SwSprEd – Software sprite editor

  1. Cauko Mato,

    pozeram, ze statocne chrlis jednu Atari vec za druhu, cele tie roky! Dlho sme sa nevideli, ak mas chut, mozes sa pridat na nas slovensky (aj) Atari discord: https://discord.gg/2su3rBf6

    Je tam hlavne nasa kosicka a bratislavska partia. O Xim si uz predpokladam pocul… 🙁

  2. Nice tool, it would be nice to add sprites/missiles shells with different prio (1,0, …).

  3. @Shanti77, it would definitely be nice, but I am not doing that … it would be quite complex change

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