ASMA (slovensky)

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ASMA is Atari Sound Music Archive. It consists of almost every Atari song. Archive is divided into several sections: classics, various, games, demos…etc. All songs are SAP files. SAP file consists of INFO part (header where information about song and author is stored), MUSIC part and PLAYER part. PLAYER is piece of ATARI code (regular binary file) which plays song of given type. Read the rest of this entry »

Music From Zeus Intro (slovensky)

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Not long ago I’ve created decoder of Turbo2000 which helps me to revive this forgotten program. This is my first program written completely in assembler. It isn’t very special. It’s one CMC music and nice equalizer.

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CMC Musix1 (slovensky)

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I’ve programmed this demo a long time ago. It’s just next demo with stolen music in it. Menu was created in BASIC and CMC songs are played in VBI (of course ;-). I’ve extracted songs from other four demos and collect them into mine demo. One note: function called PLUGINS is totally shit…it can be cancelled by pressing START button. Read the rest of this entry »

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