CMC MSX Extractor

I’ve created this software for extracting CMC (Chaos Music Composer) music from ATARI executables. You have to start your application with CMC music in emulator, then save state (Alt+Z). Next you need to open this state file (*.A8S) in WinRAR and extract content of archive. Now it’s time to start CMC MSX Extractor, click LOAD and browse extracted content file (it takes couple of seconds … sorry 🙁 ). Content of file will be shown in text window. Common CMC file start with sequence _cmc_data_file_. When you click on CMC 2.0 and then on Search, list of starting addresses will be shown. Sometimes programmers rewrite this sequence with empty characters or something else… so then you have to use option Other. It’s little bit harder to find the beginning of song in that case. Also song ending should be found too. But structure of CMC file is always flaming…so it’s simple if you know it. Songs always end with value FF(hex) which is represented by “^” character. You have to SAVE CMC file after the length of file is set. Next step is to convert CMC file into SAP using applications described in ASMA section of this web page. This program is in raw form because I didn’t plan to publish it (if you don’t like it make your own ;-).

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CMC Musix1

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