Use LPTjoy if you want to connect Atari joystick to PC and play your favourite game using emulator. You have to build interconnection between 9-pin Atari joystick connector and 25-pin LPT PC connector. No electronical scheme needed, only cable connection between connectors. – everybody can do it. I used unshielded twisted pair (UTP) for connection.This cable can be used with Atari800DOS, interface built by Petr Šumbera. If you want to use this cable with Windows (Atari800Win), you have to install Atajoy driver developed by Robert Petružela. To install driver open Control Panel->Gaming options. Then push [Add], [Add Other], browse driver file and open it.

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[ CANON 25 Male ]		  [ CANON 9 Male ]
 (acknowledge) 10		   4 (right)
        (busy) 11		   3 (left)
(out of paper) 12		   2 (down)
      (select) 13		   1 (up)
       (error) 15		   6 (button)
      (strobe)  1		   7 (Ucc)
      (ground) 25		   8 (ground)

I’m using LPTjoy commonly, it works well. If you want to play something on PC using this joystick, there shoud be some problems with axis. You have to set them correctly. Remeber, this joystick is digital not analog, so it’s almost imposible to control car in Colin McRae Rally 2.

More info at RASTERs web page http://raster.atari.org.

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