Atari FontMaker v1.2

After unbelievable five years I’m releasing new version of FontMaker. Fly gave mi impulse to add one feature and Raster said that it would be handy, so I decided to implement it.

Added features:

  • exit confirmation dialog
  • possibility to add single font (*.fnt) or dualfont (*.fn2) as parameter for EXE, so this fontfile will be loaded when program starts. Now you can associate file externsions fnt,fn2 to open in FontMaker

FontMaker v1.2

I just want to say this program is written in Delphi extremely stupidly and unlogicaly so I couldn’t believe that I wrote shit like this. I thought that I will spend 10 minutes to implement these 2 little features but it took me hour and half. Terrible IDE, terrible language, terrible code.

Please download Atari FontMaker from its main page.


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2 thoughts on “Atari FontMaker v1.2

  1. Diky za tu podporu nazvu font souboru v command line, je to uzitecna vec.

  2. Pekne dakujem! Velmi uzitocny program a pouzivam go pri vytvarani mojej hry.

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