The Bitchy Witchy (DEAD) game project

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I started working on The Bitchy Witchy around year 2007. It is already 8 years ago – pretty unbelievable. It supposed to be point&click adventure like no other on Atari. Basic idea was to create game that will be similar to Gobliiins where you control hero on single screen and after you solve puzzle you will be able to move to next screen.

I introduced this project on AtariAge couple days ago also with screens so you can find some info there. This blogpost is mainly behind the scenes.

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Belljumper 1k (slovensky)

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Belljumper is my new game created for MiniGame Compo 2007, it takes 2nd place on this competition. The game belongs to category 1k…that means it’s size is 1024 bytes. Point of the game is to keep yourself jumping on falling bells and not to fall down from the screen. As game advances the bells get smaller which increases game difficulty. Read the rest of this entry »

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