Forever 16 – 1k intros (slovensky)

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I attended on Forever 16 demoparty held in Horna Súča. This time I contributed to 1k intro compo with 2 submissions, pow(quickhack,2) and back to the cyberspace. Quickhack^2 was coded like week ago and back to the cyberspace was finished right at the party. Funny fact (again): back to the cyberspace version that was presented at compo was not final one, because I did not checked which version XI copied from my usb drive. So presented version had other music and some glitches that were fixed in final version.

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h3x0r 1k (slovensky)

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One year since I relesed Fireball 1k passed, so here is my new 1kB game called h3x0r. This game was created especially for MiniGame Compo 2009 … as usual :-P.
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About Fireball 1k (slovensky)

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Results of MiniGame Compo 2008 were released on september 8th 2008. My game Fireball 1k took fifth place. Read the rest of this entry »

Fireball 1k (slovensky)

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Fireball 1k is new game which I created especially for MiniGame Compo 2008. It is another game which belongs to 1k category. Your task is to shoot as many falling bricks as possible. More info can be found in manual. Read the rest of this entry »

Belljumper 1k (slovensky)

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Belljumper is my new game created for MiniGame Compo 2007, it takes 2nd place on this competition. The game belongs to category 1k…that means it’s size is 1024 bytes. Point of the game is to keep yourself jumping on falling bells and not to fall down from the screen. As game advances the bells get smaller which increases game difficulty. Read the rest of this entry »

Plasma4 (slovensky)

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Plasma4 is my 1-kilobyte intro which I contributed at last 8-bit multiscene party FOREVER5 in Trencin. I finished 7th from 11 contestants. Plasma4 gained 338 points (just for comparison: 1st place – demo PLO by “asm geeks” from Poland gained 488 points) from voters. I want to thank everybody for voting and I want to apologize my absence at FOREVER but I had some other priorities. Even thought I gained so many points are success, because this intro is my first real 6502 assembly. Read the rest of this entry »

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