Atari FontMaker v1.1 (slovensky)

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Cross platform utility used to create ATARI font on PC. It works with graphics mode 0 and 12 (DL codes 2 and 4). I tried to make this application as much user-friendly as I could… so it can flip, rotate, shift your built character by clicking on sigle button. You can place your characters to create picture or just wrote some words in the bottom window.

First version was done in 27.8.2003, later in 8.9.2003 I’ve upgraded (thank to RASTER for advice) way how characters can be edited. In 3.1.2005 I’ve created new version 1.1 which has some new features (thank to Dely/TQA for advices):

  • it’s possible to edit two character sets at one time
  • possibility to save two fonts separately or as a dualfont (2048 bytes)
  • view window is bigger… it has 8 lines and you can change font in certain line by clicking on number at the beginning of line (commonly used for 2×2 fonts).
  • right-click on character in view window will select that character for editing
  • possibility to save content of view window into view file (*.vf2) which has new format, but it’s also possible to load old format
  • new saving system

ATARI FontMaker1 1
ATARI FontMaker1 1
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