Monex v1.1 (slovensky)

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Monex is my second game, I started to work on it in 23.6.2005 and it was finished in 23.8.2005 – nice dates, huh? So it takes 2 months but when I look to my “developers’ log”, I worked on it only 23 days. So… Monex is logical game where you have to move tiles using mover and collect them in groups by color (value). Read the rest of this entry »

Laser Blaster – fixed version (slovensky)

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When I finished Laser Blaster, it wasn’t tested on real ATARI (I created it completely using emulator on PC). I’ve received some nice e-mails after release at Atariada, but also a bug report that my game crashes when switching between title screen and game. Not long ago I’ve connected my ATARI to PC, tested game and fixed code. I’ve changed in-game logo at same time, because it looks weird on real ATARI. Read the rest of this entry »

Laser Blaster (slovensky)

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It’s tetris-like logical game. I worked on it 1 and 3/4 year; it was really hard so I hope you’ll like it. Music was made by Greg/Grayscale and I created code and graphics. Read the rest of this entry »

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