T2K decoder v.021

Changed (corrected) display of filename obtained from header of T2K file – especially TurboBasic filenames. Minor bugfixes.

v.02 (6.2.2006):
This application can decode audio record from tape in Turbo2000 format into ATARI binary *.XEX file and also can decode TurboBasic programs saved in Turbo2000 format (TSAVE/TLO) into *.TBA file. You have to record your program from tape to WAV format (8bit mono 44kHz). This conversion is very effective.Using this method, you can decode every program (doesn’t matter of program size unlike method when you need to use SIO2PC cable and Tutodis3) and save it on disk. This application should help co convert every program from tape to disk. More information in manual.

T2k Decoder021
T2k Decoder021
206.4 KiB
T2kdec02 Man
T2kdec02 Man
4.7 KiB
Sciava T2k
Sciava T2k
343.9 KiB


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7 thoughts on “T2K decoder v.021

  1. Greet MatoSimi

    I Have to You the question : do you can share source to the programm t2k decoder ?
    I want to write something like but to Turbo Blizzard popular turbo in the Poland.
    I do not conceal that Your programme inspired me.

    If so send this on e-mail.

    Best regards

  2. Thanks for your utilite, but i can’t make it work with my records. I even have tried to apply Wavelab hi-pass filter to eleminate DC offset and brutal compression to recover weak points but even this method may just help to read header but data always have wrong checksum.

    Which frequency must have ideal carrier (1) signal to work with parameter=64? My is about 3.1 kHz. Could you please reply also to my email?
    Dmitry Shtatnov.

  3. Hi Dmitry,

    I wrote this app long time ago.. there is almost nothing to configure.
    First of all, DC offset should make no troubles, signal is somehow processed to avoid errors that come from DC offset (I don’t remember how :P).
    As far as I know, there are more types of turbo 2000, I think I have so called czechoslovakian version, but some ppl from poland contacted me because my decorder don’t work with their recordings.
    I really don’t know differences between these versions so maybe you have just the unsupported one.

    Everything you need to know is in readme file…. you have to record t2k sound as 44kHz mono and open it in this app. Wavelenght 64 is just the number which represents length of binary “1”. Binary “0” has shorter wave, half length to be exact.
    You can try tune up wavelength a bit, but not too much. I know that it’s not very clever app, but it worked on most recordings I made.

    I also thought to create some kind of parallel processing which would process recording several times with different “1” wavelength to make statistically correct decoding, but I dropped it, because I did not find it worth a try… almost every atari sw is already transferred to disk.

    If you have some interesting stuff on cassettes and you want to tranfer it, try contact Fandal at http://fandal.atari.org , he is great collector of Atari SW. I think he would like to enlarge his collection with new stuff.

    Martin Simecek

  4. ahoj, neuvazujes o novej verzii? nahravky ukladam cez walkmana ako WAVka, no ich signal je slaby, musim nahravku zosislnit aspon o 80% aby sa to ako-tak dalo precitat, dekodovat hlavicku, no ulozit ako XEX to este nejde 🙂 ci radsej kupit poriadny kazetovy pprehravac? podla coho vybrat?:)

  5. Servus, o novej verzii neuvazujem, ale kludne poskytnem zdojaky… je to myslim Delphi7 alebo 8, uz neviem. Co sa tyka nahravky, viem, ze ked som to riesil pred rokmi, pouzival som nejaky wavelab alebo take nieco na normalizovanie signalu. Ale nahraval som to tusim z nejakeho lepsieho kazetaku, no myslim,ze na tom vobec nezalezi… Mimochodom, musis mat velmi vzacne veci (svoje?) na paskach, lebo tak 99% SW sa da natahat z netu.

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