The Story of Castle Defender

How I created this game...

Atari FontMaker 1.5

Lot of work has been done on Atari FontMaker since version 1.4. There were several things fixed and some nice […]

9 thoughts on “Castle Defender – 2nd place at ABBUC SWC 2019

  1. that is simply an graph2font picture which is using PMG elements “scattered” all over the picture using DLIs. It requires artist who knows the Atari graphics capabilities and PMG limitations so he can push it to the edge.

  2. Hi, really great work. I love the colourful GFX. Very difficult to play for me, I just managed to start level 2 ONCE! Btw, could you tell about the changes between the ABBUC contest version and this one? Those two versios _are_ different.

  3. Erhard, the most important thing is that wave4 of level1 has enemy that has shield, so you need either strong (upgraded) tower of type 1 or some type 2 tower, which destroys enemy shields. When enemy has shield, damage of your tower has to be higher than the power of the shield, otherwise the tower does no harm to the enemy.
    Regarding versions, I can assure you the versions are same. I have some plans to fix some issues/glitches that were reported, but I had no time to dive in the CD code again yet. So if there is something different in version delivered on ABBUC disks, then it must be some bug caused by some DOS/loader or some additional compression.

  4. Hi MatoSimi, thanks a lot for your reply. I knew about the shields, but there is still something you explained that I did neither know nor expect: are you saying that if there is an enemy with a shield of 5, a simple shoot of 7 will still harm it? I thought that no shoot damage would go through unless the shield is first removed. Talking about version differences I see slight different loader addresses. I can send stuff to you, but I do not think that this is something for here. I sent my email address, so please feel free to contact me, I’ll report back via email. Btw, I managed to pass level 1 twice today 🙂

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