Playing with AssembloidsXE

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After Abbuc 2013 games were released, new post about highscore was created at AtariAge HighScoreClub (HSC). Several Atarians posted their score with screenshots, but MaPa posted quite high score from AssebloidsXE. When most of players could not get 5000 points, MaPa got more than 38000. That is pretty sick score, so I decided to break this record.

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Abbuc SW Contest 2013 Challenge (slovensky)

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I have been working on game for Abbuc SW contest 2013 for a quite while, but due to my day job (yes, I do not make living out of Atari development) I was unable to finish such technically complex game on time. Development has been also paused for 2 weeks because I left for vacation and came back just few days before Abbuc SW Contest deadline. So I decided to challenge myself…

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