Nemezyro (slovensky)

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Abbuc Software Contest results were presented, Nemezyro took 4th place.
Enjoy the game and share your highest score, I’m curious if someone can beat me 🙂

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Another fun with Abbuc Compo – Nemezyro (slovensky)

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Few days ago I started working on new game called Nemezyro, which (as usual) contains some significant features/technologies which I never used before.

So what is Nemezyro about?

It is relaxing logical game which requires fast responses. There are randomly generated colored tiles scrolling from right to left and player’s job is to eliminate those tiles as long as possible until they reach left border of playfield. Tiles are eliminated by pointing at them with cursor controlled using joystick and pressing fire. All adjacent tiles of same color are eliminated as well. There is one special feature when we speak about adjacent tiles, because also first and last line of tiles are adjacent to each other – this fact sometimes causes that you might think those tiles are eliminated without your action :).

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