h3x0r 1k

One year since I relesed Fireball 1k passed, so here is my new 1kB game called h3x0r. This game was created especially for MiniGame Compo 2009 … as usual :-P.

Point of this game is to swap two coloured balls and make them vanish. You need to place at least four same coloured balls in row to vanish them. Beware of running out of time. Time gauge is reset everytime you vanish some coloured balls.

This game was written very roughly. I had no space left, so I needed to optimize every routine as much as possible, removed all unecessary memory initializations to fit this game into 1024 bytes.

I hope you like it 🙂


1.0 KiB
357.0 B


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10 thoughts on “h3x0r 1k

  1. I don’t know game called exactly jewels, but it’s similar to jewel quest or bejewelled.

  2. Wow! This fits into 1k!?!

    I´m coding on a similar project for some years now (every year a little bit) and it´s far away from 1k. Esp. the routine to test if switching the “stones” is possible costs some k – maybe my way is far to complex and it must be much simpler 😉

  3. Routine you’re talking about is really nasty piece of code. Game uses same routine for all 3 possible directions of rows. Code is altering itself, that is the magic behind this routine.

  4. Не знаю как остальным, а мне понравилось.

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