Citron 3kg

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Hey fellow Atarians!

Citron 3kg took 6th place at Abbuc Software Contest 2017.

I created this game in several hours. It was again result of quick coding challenge similar to 3plex or Xirius Defect. This game is 100% NTSC compatible and it does not require any HW extension to stock Atari 800 XL/XE machine.

  • Use your highly modified vehicle to gather as many citrons as possible
  • Press Fire to jump over mines if you wanna live
  • Also do not get knocked down by nasty attacking flying saucer
  • Stay alive as long as possible
  • Once the countdown reaches zero, new level begins….

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I managed to finish another game recently. This time it is Quarrion, which was previewed on last new years disc 2015. I started coding this game year ago. Final gameplay was done for some time, but I needed to fix some bugs add graphics, music and wrap it all up. Finishing the project is always hard, because it sucks so much time when you focus on small details and try to make them look the best possible way.

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3plex coding timelapse – Abbuc SW Contest 2015

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Tento post je len v angličtine, nechce sa mi to prekladať…

How to code Atari XL/XE game in 500 minutes? -not just another stupid marketing! This time I have proof… the timelapse video! This year’s Abbuc SW contest is a bit special, because deadline for compo entries was 31st of July instead of 31st of August as usual, but I handled it somehow similarly as before… I started working on my entry day before deadline.

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h3x0r 1k (english)

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Ubehol rok odkedy som vypustil Fireball 1k a teraz predstavujem moju novú 1kB hru h3x0r. Hra bola ako zvyčajne vytvorená špeciálne pre MiniGame Compo 2009 :-P.
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Summertime Demo (english)

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Táákže po dlhšej pauze prichádzam spolu s n00lym a KoZyCom s novým demom, ktoré nesie názov Summertime.

Toto demo bolo vytvorené špeciálne pre Forever neXt demoparty v Trenčíne. Read the rest of this entry »

Fireball 1k obkec (english)

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Výsledky súťaže MiniGame Compo 2008 boli zverejnené 8.septembra 2008. Moja gamesa Fireball 1k sa umiestnila na piatej priečke. Read the rest of this entry »

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