Ridiculous Reality (teaser + pokec)

Ridiculous Reality is new game I made for Abbuc Software Contest 2012. It is arcade puzzle platform game where you play with hero who is in world that he can control.

It sounds a bit unordinary, but it is really simple. All you need is to collect all keys and get to door to another level. Rules can be simply understood from following video teaser:

Game is currently sent to Abbuc and I guess it will took 2 months to get competition results, after then game will be released to public.

I wrote more about this game in slovak language (I have no energy to translate it to english, so if you want to read it, switch this post to slovak version and use Google translator :).

I would like to thank my colleagues Adam Wachowski, Michał Radecki and Adam Powroźnik for great communication and spectacular work they done on this project. If I consider this project as Adam’s (Adam Wachowski of course) first, every next project he will participate on will be awesome.

In addition, some links to articles about game:


Mindfuck demo was created for Forever XIII demoparty held from 16th to 18th March 2012 in Horná Súča near Trenčín […]

Ridiculous Reality (Abbuc version)

Abbuc magazine is released with this year’s competition entry titled Ridiculous Reality.

5 thoughts on “Ridiculous Reality (teaser + pokec)

  1. Moc pekne cteni, docela me mrzi, ze letos jsem nemel prakticky zadny cas podilet se na nejakem Atari projektu. Snad to zase nekdy vyjde.

  2. The video promotes us another must have game for the Atari 8 bits.

    Well done! Hope it plays as good as the presentation is – but I´m sure it does 🙂

  3. Hi there ! The game looks great and plays great ! I am sure it will score the 1st place at Abbuc contest 2012 (if not, kill those that did not vote for it).

    But, err, well, please excuse me, but me and my wife we have a question: Is there a key or key-combination to switch off the music while playing ?!?

    Greetings and good luck for the contest !!
    -Andreas Koch.

  4. well, current version does not have option to turn off the music 🙂 ingame tunes are great 🙂

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