Sio2Pc (slovensky)

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Sio2Pc is interface used to connect Atari with Pc. The main point is interconnection between Atari SIO (Serial Input/Output) port and COM port on Pc. There are many electrical schemes of this interface. This page is related to software applications used with this interface. Read the rest of this entry »

ASMA (slovensky)

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ASMA is Atari Sound Music Archive. It consists of almost every Atari song. Archive is divided into several sections: classics, various, games, demos…etc. All songs are SAP files. SAP file consists of INFO part (header where information about song and author is stored), MUSIC part and PLAYER part. PLAYER is piece of ATARI code (regular binary file) which plays song of given type. Read the rest of this entry »

Atari800Win PLus 4.0 (slovensky)

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Probably tha last version of this emulator. It works fine, it has some new features used by console. It supports code breakpoints and tracing to file.

Atari800Win PLus 4.0beta (slovensky)

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This release of Atari800WinPLus has signature 4.0beta. It has couple of improvements in comparison to version 3.1. Main improvement is new visual emulation which has no errors. You can see it in game Master Of The Lamps (there are 8 lamps and every lamp has different colour – in previous verion of emulator there were 8 lamps with only 4 colours), in demo Demonic Laughter is used special GTIA trick where one quarter of screen has another grahic mode than the other quarters – mode is changed in the middle of scanline). Read the rest of this entry »

Atari800Win PLus 3.1 (slovensky)

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This emulator runs under 32-bit Windows and it’s freeware. Atari800Win PLus 3.1 is based on Atari800win emulator which I’ve been using before. It has some new features.

Emulator, how to… (slovensky)

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First of all we need ROMs. They are files with *.ROM extension which contain copy of ROM from real ATARI computer. So… start the emulator select “Atari->Rom Images” in menu. ROMs can be browsed manually or by Search function. Press OK after paths to ROMs are set. Read the rest of this entry »

LPTjoy (slovensky)

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Use LPTjoy if you want to connect Atari joystick to PC and play your favourite game using emulator. You have to build interconnection between 9-pin Atari joystick connector and 25-pin LPT PC connector. No electronical scheme needed, only cable connection between connectors. – everybody can do it. I used unshielded twisted pair (UTP) for connection. Read the rest of this entry »

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