Forever 16 – 1k intros (slovensky)

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I attended on Forever 16 demoparty held in Horna Súča. This time I contributed to 1k intro compo with 2 submissions, pow(quickhack,2) and back to the cyberspace. Quickhack^2 was coded like week ago and back to the cyberspace was finished right at the party. Funny fact (again): back to the cyberspace version that was presented at compo was not final one, because I did not checked which version XI copied from my usb drive. So presented version had other music and some glitches that were fixed in final version.

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Forever XIII

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Táák, práve som sa vrátil z tohtoročnej Forever party v Hornej Súči. Pre neznalých ide o 13-ty ročník 8-bit multiscene party orientovanej hlavne na platformy Atari, Commodore64 a Sinclair. Akcia sa koná každoročne v podobnom jarnom termíne a trvá od piatku do nedele.

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Citoplazma (slovensky)

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Citoplazma is latest demo by Demodogs (A.K.A Demopsi) group. My part on this production was coding, directing and putting all together. It took me 5 days to write this demo from scratch. I know it is not breathtaking, but I hope you like it.
Citoplazma was created for Forever C 8-bit multiscene demoparty. This demo has been run first time at the party… I mean run on real Atari HW (I own Atari 800XL without any memory extension so I could not test it by myself). Some issues came up and now I’m trying to fix it.
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Summertime Demo (slovensky)

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After long time period I came back with n00ly and KoZyCa with new demo called Summertime.

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Plasma4 (slovensky)

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Plasma4 is my 1-kilobyte intro which I contributed at last 8-bit multiscene party FOREVER5 in Trencin. I finished 7th from 11 contestants. Plasma4 gained 338 points (just for comparison: 1st place – demo PLO by “asm geeks” from Poland gained 488 points) from voters. I want to thank everybody for voting and I want to apologize my absence at FOREVER but I had some other priorities. Even thought I gained so many points are success, because this intro is my first real 6502 assembly. Read the rest of this entry »

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