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I managed to finish another game recently. This time it is Quarrion, which was previewed on last new years disc 2015. I started coding this game year ago. Final gameplay was done for some time, but I needed to fix some bugs add graphics, music and wrap it all up. Finishing the project is always hard, because it sucks so much time when you focus on small details and try to make them look the best possible way.

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More SourceForge stuff – Laser Blaster reconstruction

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As I wrote couple posts before, I’m moving all my Atari projects to sourceforge.net. There are already all of them created ( https://sourceforge.net/u/matosimi ), but not every project has content yet. Today I was reconstructing development versions of my very first assembly game Laser Blaster

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Citoplazma demo fixed

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Citoplazma demo is my second project which was recently moved to sourceforge. I was quite surprised that old binary was still crashing somewhere in the middle of demo, so I looked into it and performed some dirty fixes. Demo runs correctly now… at least in Altirra 2.6, but I hope it also runs well on real HW.

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My first project at sourceforge.net (slovensky)

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This is just small info… I started moving my projects to sourceforge.net including all revisions, so you can see sources of my games and demos.

First project transferred is Back To The Cyberspace – which has only 1 actual revision (if I don’t count directory structure) so you cannot see any progress there :).

Project can be found here:


The Bitchy Witchy (DEAD) game project

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I started working on The Bitchy Witchy around year 2007. It is already 8 years ago – pretty unbelievable. It supposed to be point&click adventure like no other on Atari. Basic idea was to create game that will be similar to Gobliiins where you control hero on single screen and after you solve puzzle you will be able to move to next screen.

I introduced this project on AtariAge couple days ago also with screens so you can find some info there. This blogpost is mainly behind the scenes.

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3plex coding timelapse – Abbuc SW Contest 2015 (slovensky)

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Tento post je len v angličtine, nechce sa mi to prekladať…

How to code Atari XL/XE game in 500 minutes? -not just another stupid marketing! This time I have proof… the timelapse video! This year’s Abbuc SW contest is a bit special, because deadline for compo entries was 31st of July instead of 31st of August as usual, but I handled it somehow similarly as before… I started working on my entry day before deadline.

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Fred rtc (2012)

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Som sa prehraboval šuflíkom a objavil som staršie diplomy z Forever parties z predošlých rokov. Podopĺňal som nové do predošlého postu a jeden starý doplnil k postu o Citoplazma a Mindfuck. Práve po zhliadnutí diplomu za Mindfuck som si spomenul na realtime compo, totálnu blbosť s názvom Fred ( Agro<> FTW 😀 ). Takže prihadzujem sem to hlúpe realtime compo entry.

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Forever 16 – 1k intros (slovensky)

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I attended on Forever 16 demoparty held in Horna Súča. This time I contributed to 1k intro compo with 2 submissions, pow(quickhack,2) and back to the cyberspace. Quickhack^2 was coded like week ago and back to the cyberspace was finished right at the party. Funny fact (again): back to the cyberspace version that was presented at compo was not final one, because I did not checked which version XI copied from my usb drive. So presented version had other music and some glitches that were fixed in final version.

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Xirius Defect XXL – x1 (slovensky)

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Soo, this game is result of almost half year of hard work. I decided to expand game with numerous levels and new game elements sometime in november on Jason Kendall’s impulse. Read the rest of this entry »

Nemezyro (slovensky)

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Abbuc Software Contest results were presented, Nemezyro took 4th place.
Enjoy the game and share your highest score, I’m curious if someone can beat me 🙂

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