Xirius Defect v1.1 (slovensky)

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Fakt sa mi to nechce prekladať do Slovenčiny…

Another year, another Abbuc Software Contest entry. This time it is logical game called Xirius Defect which development was described in my previous post. Game took potato medal (4th place) at Abbuc Software Contest 2013. Quite surprising result, it really made my day :).

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Abbuc SW Contest 2013 Challenge (slovensky)

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I have been working on game for Abbuc SW contest 2013 for a quite while, but due to my day job (yes, I do not make living out of Atari development) I was unable to finish such technically complex game on time. Development has been also paused for 2 weeks because I left for vacation and came back just few days before Abbuc SW Contest deadline. So I decided to challenge myself…

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Dynakillers Unchained – update 1 (slovensky)

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Few small changes were added to game:

  • Players can drop bombs 1 second after beginning of round – this prevents unintended bomb drop which led to death
  • Default number of rounds set to 16
  • Playercolors selection does not provide dark colors anymore

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Dynakillers Unchained (slovensky)

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Few weeks passed from my last post about cracking of Dynakillers and now it is time to finally release game to public. Official title is Dynakillers Unchained, it is Multijoy game, which supports gameplay of 4 players simultaneously using Multijoy interface.

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Ridiculous Reality (Abbuc version) (slovensky)

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Abbuc magazine is released with this year’s competition entry titled Ridiculous Reality. Read the rest of this entry »

Ridiculous Reality (teaser + pokec) (slovensky)

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Ridiculous Reality is new game I made for Abbuc Software Contest 2012. It is arcade puzzle platform game where you play with hero who is in world that he can control.

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Roxblox (slovensky)

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Soo, another Abbuc software contest is finished. My game called Roxblox took third place. Results of competition are released so it is time to release the game for whole Atari community.
I did write story about journey of coding this game (slovak only, sorry) in my previous blogpost.. so the only thing I wrote now is: Have fun and be patient if you want to beat this game :).
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Roxblox – Pokec

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Áno priatelia, je to tu zas. ABBUC vyhlásil nové kolo software contestu a samozrejme, že som neváhal a všetkými 11-timi som sa pustil do smaženia kódu novej gamesky.
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h3x0r deluxe (slovensky)

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Results of Abbuc Software Contest 2010 are finally released! Results are very surprising… and I’m happy to see h3x0r deluxe on 3rd place!!!

I will not explain rules here, you can download them below. Lot of info is in previous article (slovak language only), so if you want to get some background info, read here :).
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h3x0r deluxe – pokec a preview

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Dlhá doba prešla, pravý čas na novú gamesu. Tentokrát ide neočakávane o logickú hru, už tradične prihlásenú na Abbuc Software Contest.

V princípe je myšlienka hry prebraná z gamesy Bejewelled 2 deluxe, samozrejme s variáciami. Robiť len tak remake viacmenej 1:1 k pôvodnej hre ma nebaví, rád pridám nejaké nové features. V prípade tejto hry je to hexagonálne rozloženie hracej plochy.
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